8 Things to know before designing a website

Before starting the website designing there are few things on which you need to pay attention. As we all know that the dimensions of online business and digital marketing has been transformed in recent past years. The design of any website is the first thing that is noticed by the user. So, it is important to design a contemporary, attractive, and easily navigable website. Below we have discussed some of the points that should be considered while developing the website.

These are the 8 things to know before designing a website:-

1. Aim of the website

What is the point of the Website and what is the aim of the website?  The First you should need to now the aim it’s helps to how to start or what do first or initial stage and but the aim of your website should reflect in your design.

2. Know brand name and then Target audience

Another important thing you know that is every business has its market with the targeted audience. So, buy domain who identify your brand easily. While designing the website designer could keep in mind the targeted audiences.

3. Know Colour to choose

The color of the website used to be user friendly. The color plays a vital role in creating a great impact on the people while they are visiting your website. Also, colors should reflect your brand identity and we considered in earlier point. So keep in mind which color is perfect before designing a website.

4. Should be Responsive Design

As we know that today many people using a mobile phone. So your website design must be responsive to mobile devices or user friendly.

5. SEO familiar design/ SEO-Friendly design

While designing a website, you need to consider the SEO factor, so that the users can easily find your website in google search. So, any website should be designed SEO friendly include keywords in content. SEO is most important role in building or promoting website without spending money so your design and codes is SEO friendly or you should focus on your call to action button 50% of conversion made by this button.

6. Choose a Web Hosting Site

Many options should be considered while selecting a web hosting site, that should include security, the bandwidth provided, price, and space. Web hosting gives an efficient support service.

7. Take feedback from users

It depends on you to decide whether you wish to get feedback from the users who are visiting your website. If you are thinking then design much be incorporate it.

8. Choosing a designer

It is very difficult to choose a website designer who has great experience in website design. A good website designer must have skilled and they must have a creative mind to design a compelling design. So keep your skill strong and learn more and more to improve your skill.


The conclusion of this article is to make awareness regarding website designing. Above we have mentioned a few things that need to be followed while designing any website.

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