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What is affiliate marketing and how it works – Weblieu

In this blog we discuss about what is affiliate marketing and how it works. The term “affiliate marketing” refers to a type of online marketing. Companies hire people to promote their products or services through affiliate links. In short, you are using your marketing skills to push your audience closer to the product. When someone […]

Complete On page SEO checklist – How to completely optimize the website.

In this blog, we share a complete on page SEO checklist that includes some important tags and other things which help to optimize your website and webpage. On-page and on-site SEO is a practice of optimizing or improving web page content for users and search engines. Optimizing Title tags, Internal links, Content, URLs are some […]

Google Word Coach – #1 Fun Game to Learn English Vocabulary – Does it helpful

Do you know that Google has a tool called Google Word Coach, this tool helps to learn new words. This is the #1 Fun Game to Learn English Vocabulary Maybe you don’t know, Even if you know, still your knowledge can increase with the information given in this post. Yes, you read right, Google has created […]

Google Ads vs Facebook Ads: Which One is Right for Your Business?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions when businesses expand their paid media appearance. Where should we spend money on advertising Google ads or Facebook ads? There is another version of this question. Which is better, Google ads or Facebook ads? But there is nothing “better” when comparing the two because they are […]

7 AdWords hacks to increase your ROI and High-quality leads

Hello everyone, in this blog we are going to talk about you through 7 AdWords hacks to increase your ROI and High-quality leads. 7 AdWords hacks – Google Ads is still one of the best platforms you can use to build your business because this is a great way to find the right people. If […]

Reason For Selecting The Laravel For E-commerce Website

If you see in the market there are so many options for making an e-commerce website, but we suggest you develop the website by using the Laravel framework. Laravel is a light-weight, flexible, and efficient PHP framework for e-commerce website development. We suggesting the Laravel framework to all who develop e-commerce website because it is […]

Canonical tag – What is it and How to Use It?

Have you ever listen about the canonical tag and you know that the benefit of it. So, today we are discussing what is it and how to use it? Canonical tags are the best method to display URLs to index (list) to search engines. The canonical tag or canonical link element informs search engines of […]

Best and easy way to Increase Website Domain Authority (DA).

How do I increase my website’s domain-level authority? People normally ask us, “How we increase website domain authority?” and we frequently avoid this topic because the DA score should not be your focus. What you should pay attention to is why the score rises and is a high-quality backlink get from high authority websites. So […]

How digital marketing agency works and why hire this agency?

In this blog, we discuss how digital marketing agency works and how they help your business to grow in worldwide. What is digital marketing? Digital marketing refers, to any online marketing works or assets. Email marketing, pay-per-click advertising, social media marketing, and also blogging all are good examples of digital marketing. They help introduce people […]

Organic search vs Paid search: What is best for your business?

As we all know, more than 82% of internet users using Google compare to other search engines for searching/finding for any query. Google is not only the biggest search engine in the world but it is a great tool that draws traffic on your website. There are two equally valuable but distinct methods of getting […]

Best Payment Gateways in India for your Business

For any kind of online business, one of the essential factors which cannot be ignored by anyone that is “The Payment Gateway”.  One of the positive points is in India that they already host many kinds of companies where these payment gateways come with the zero-setup cost. What is the Payment Gateway? The Payment gateway […]

8 Things to know before designing a website

Before starting the website designing there are few things on which you need to pay attention. As we all know that the dimensions of online business and digital marketing has been transformed in recent past years. The design of any website is the first thing that is noticed by the user. So, it is important […]

5 reasons how to grow your business with digital marketing

Digital marketing, online marketing, internet advertising, what-ever you describe it, marketing your company online is a big opportunity these days. So, we discuss 5 reasons how to grow your business with digital marketing. Digital marketing is a primary tool in the 21st century – as essential as a print, radio, and television was the last […]

10 Best content creation tools for social media – Weblieu blog

These are the 10 best content creation tools for social media, in fact, every business needs these tools to roll out. There’s no doubt about it – we live in a visual age. So, that indicates if you don’t have a visual content creation tools strategy, you’re losing your audience. Most entrepreneurs spend maximum time on […]

Most powerful Google chrome extension for SEO that’ll enhance your SEO efforts

Most, SEOs prefer Google Chrome extensions, but having too many SEO chrome extensions doesn’t relate to higher productivity. This can lead to slowing down your computer. So, with so many options, the challenge is in choosing only the ones you need. Well, we’ve already done a lot of hard work for you. So today, we […]

High-quality backlinks and How to create high-quality backlinks?

High-quality backlinks all SEO’s dream and all websites need this for growing online. Well, Google hints that links from “Great websites” is a good indication that information is well trusted. But that’s kind of vague too. The point is that how to create high-quality backlinks? but not every backlink is created equal. Some help your […]

on-page SEO – Guide & Complete SEO Solution

Hey guys, today we will be talking about our favourite topic, search engine optimization (SEO). We love free things, and what we love the most is free traffic and through SEO (on-page SEO and off-page SEO) it is possible. So let’s start. Welcome back to the Weblieu Blog a great learning solution. In the last […]

15 benefits of SEO to boost your business

If you really want to improve your business so you need to read this blog it definitely helps your business online as well as an offline platform. Many people think SEO is a time-consuming and costly process and it does not give any result but believe me, SEO is not costly but yes it’s a […]

What is IP spoofing and how it works?

IP spoofing is crafted with the source IP address of Internet Protocol (IP). Packets that have been modified to locate another computer system or hide the identity of the sender or both. In IP spoofing, the header field for the source. IP address contains an address that differs from the actual source IP address. IP […]

What is VPN and how does it work?

“We’ll learn what the VPN and how it works. “Android Smartphone Users are growing every day in the whole world. On the Internet, we find a lot of things every day and do a lot of work on it like online transactions, download movies and music’s, give your personal details to sign in on other […]

What is web designing?

You may have seen the different designs of the websites. Whenever you visit a website, when you look at the design of the website, you see the design, contents and the decoration of the website, it depends on how it was designed and presented. Today we will discuss What is web designing. If you have […]


Static and Dynamic Websites Difference has given me the opportunity to develop a website. What is Webpage & Website? The first thing to do is to get a webpage; Webpage has the documents that are displayed on the browser. This document has been embedded in videos, audio, image, text. Websites: The website has a collection […]

Why Magento ecommerce platform?

Why choose Magento eCommerce platform? Magento is an ecommerce platform designed on open source technology. Magento ecommerce provides on the web merchants with a versatile cart system, also like control over the design. Content and practicality of their store online. Magento offers a powerful selling system, search engine optimisation, and catalogue-management tools. We have a […]

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