Canonical tag – What is it and How to Use It?

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Canonical tag

Have you ever listen about the canonical tag and you know that the benefit of it. So, today we are discussing what is it and how to use it?

Canonical tags are the best method to display URLs to index (list) to search engines. The canonical tag or canonical link element informs search engines of the existence of a master copy of the page.

Canonical tags are the best way to avoid duplicate content. If multiple URLs have similar content, the canonical will indicate which URL is more important so, Google knows which URL to index.

What is a canonical tag?

Canonical tags or Canonical link elements are HTML elements that can help search engines avoid duplicate content issues in SEO (search engine optimization). This is done by defining the favoured or canonical version of the webpage. The structure of a canonical tag is rel=” canonical”.

The canonical tag syntax which put in a <head> section of a web page. The canonical tag looks like: <link rel=“canonical” href=“” />

Why are canonical tags important for SEO?

Canonical tags are used to remove duplicate content and Google doesn’t like duplicate content. Excessive duplicate content can also affect the crawl budget.

It means Google can spend a lot of time crawling multiple versions of the same page instead of finding other important content on your website.

When to canonical tags use?

  1. The homepage can be entered from various URLs (for example,, and so on).
  2. The content is very similar or repeated.
  3. If you repost, refreshing or update your previous content.
  4. If content serves the same (or nearly the same) searcher intent (even if the KW targets vary somewhat).
  5. When content, products, events, etc. are not available and similar to a different URL.

How to use canonical tags?

According, to Google’s John Mueller, the best methods do not use relevant paths with the link element rel =”canonical”. So, you should use the following structure of the URL given below:-

<link rel=“canonical” href=“” />

Put above code in your webpage <head> section.


In the above article, we have discussed benefits and how to use a canonical tag and canonical link elements with the help of canonical tag we can avoid duplicate content, and increase your SEO efforts.

So, make sure put this tag on your website and increase your ranking.

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