Best and easy way to Increase Website Domain Authority (DA).

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How do I increase my website’s domain-level authority?

People normally ask us, “How we increase website domain authority?” and we frequently avoid this topic because the DA score should not be your focus. What you should pay attention to is why the score rises and is a high-quality backlink get from high authority websites.

So in this blog, we are going to talk about the three main factors that will improve the link authority of your website in a meaningful way our main focus is you do a proper and use white hat technique to grow.

In this guide, you’ll learn:-

  • What is Domain Authority (DA)?
  • How DA Calculated?
  • How to Increase Website Domain Authority?

What is Domain Authority (DA)?

Therefore, if you are not familiar with the concept of website authority, then this is an imaginary concept of an SEO tool company.

Now, whether you call it domain name ranking, domain name authorization, website authorization, or any other function. They all have the same meaning, and they try to measure the relative “strength” of the websites backlink profile compared to other websites in the index.

Now, although some tools claim that your website authority metrics can predict your website ranking, we are at a loss.

Yes, we think SEOs generally agree that the authority of a website plays a role in ranking. We found a clear correlation between domain ranking and the number of keywords in website ranking, but this correlation does not prove that Google ranks web pages rather than websites.

So having a goal to improve Domain Rating is too broad and could make you lose focus from your main object which is to rank in Google and get more organic traffic.

So by focusing on the website level instead of the page level is like decorating your whole house just to make your bathroom look good.

It might work to a certain extent, but 90% of your efforts do not affect the end goal.

Now, the factors that lead to the increased authority of your site can help you rank higher in Google, and it all comes down to the main factor responsible for calculating this metric, which is the link.

So, we can’t speak on behalf of other tool providers because we don’t know how they calculate their website authority metrics.

Domain Rating denotes the overall strength of a website’s backlink profile and when we say strength, it isn’t just a complete numbers game we look at both the quantity and quality of the links pointing at a website.

Now, Domain Rating isn’t straight it’s considered on a logarithmic scale from 0 to 100 to understand this scale a bit better, think of it like gaining status in a video game.

You might start as an “Explorer” and to gain your badge, it might only take a few hours but taking to the next level could take you months!. Increasing a website’s Domain Rating from 3 to 5 or even from 5 to 10 is easier than 70-71 as you increase your domain rating it’s harder and harder to grow so, focus on high-quality backlinks with high authority websites.

In short, you can’t say that a website with a DR 60 is twice as authoritative as a website with a DR 30 it’ll be more than that. Although increasing Domain Rating shouldn’t be your object.

How Domain Authority (DA) Calculated?

Let’s talk about the three main factors that will improve the website authority.

#1 Number of websites linking to you.

The number of unique websites that link to you or we call Referring Domains it only accounts for followed links. Nofollow, UGC, or sponsored values won’t improve a websites’ DR score.

#2 DR score of linked domains

The 2nd thing look at is the Domain Ratings of the linking domains and this is one of the ways to keep DR reliable and tougher to manipulate.

For example, if a website has 500 followed referring domains that all DR 0 websites, it’s unlikely that those links will do much for the linked page.

This also means that if the DR of the linked website increases so, the Domain Rating of the website also is increasing.

Another example, We built a link from a DR 10 website back in 2018, and today in 2020, that same website has a Domain Rating of 60. So, our website DR also reflecting.

So, the moral of the story is not to judge a website by only its Domain Rating.

Low DR websites also consistently building links to their pages as we do. So, the DR of your link can increase over time.

So, we invested our time to get a link from a low-DR site and it paid off.

#3 Number of sites each referring domain links to

And the 3rd thing we see the number of sites the referring website links to with at least one supported link.

The more different websites a site links to, the less DR equity it can transfer.

For example, if you had a new website that got a link from the High DR (90) website, you might think you’d get a good authority received in your Domain Rating. After all, the website Domain Rating is 90, and it’s also one of the most well-known sites in the world.

But, due to the large number of external websites that he linked to through at least one link, this does not have much impact on disaster recovery.

How to Increase Website Domain Authority?

Don’t be obsessed with improving domain name ratings. So, focus on these two things.

#1. Create a link to the page you want to rank.

Similarly, Google ranks web pages, not websites, and if you want to rank pages on popular or competitive topics, you need links. We found that in terms of ranking, the number of referencing domains on the page is the relevant backlink factor.

So instead of building them on every page on your website, focus on the pages you care about the most.


#2. Try to get links from trustworthy and high-quality websites.

After all, you want to rank your page higher in Google. Moreover, the links that will promote related work are high-quality backlinks from relevant authoritative web pages.

Now, if you focus on these two things, namely establishing links to the pages you want to rank for and obtaining links from authoritative sources, the by-products will be higher Google rankings and an increase website domain authority.


Focus on only how to increase website DA with genuine and if you enjoyed this blog, make sure to share for more actionable SEO and Marketing Blog.

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