Most powerful Google chrome extension for SEO that’ll enhance your SEO efforts

Most, SEOs prefer Google Chrome extensions, but having too many SEO chrome extensions doesn’t relate to higher productivity. This can lead to slowing down your computer. So, with so many options, the challenge is in choosing only the ones you need. Well, we’ve already done a lot of hard work for you. So today, we are going to show you the most powerful Google chrome extension for SEO that’ll enhance your SEO efforts.

Best free SEO chrome extension

Now, the free SEO chrome extension we share with you is no particular order and this list is by no means complete. In other words, we found some Best google chrome extensions for Seo to improve your SEO efforts. Instead of going to share 1-3 extensions that help with common SEO categories and those are link building, keyword research, on-page SEO, and technical SEO and of course, we’ll show you how they work.

So get started with some Best Chrome extensions for SEO

1. SEO Minion.

SEO Minion is an extension is great for quick on-page SEO. Just visit a page and click on the Minion icon in your extensions bar. You’ll then have a handful of options to choose from.

So, you can do a basic on-page analysis where you’ll see information like the Title, Description, Canonical URL, and Meta Robots tags and below that, you’ll see a breakdown of all heading, open graph, and Twitter tags.

You can also explore other things like highlight all links on the page, check for broken links, see if any Hreflang tags exist, and more. Another cool feature is that the icon may have text written over it, like “redir” and this means the page you visited has redirects.

2. SEO quake chrome extension

This is one of the well-maintained chrome extension for SEO which let you get the all-important aspect of SEO.

SEOQuake comes with various configurable options & it works with or without SEMRUSH. However, if you have a SEMRUSH account, you can use it to get more extra data.

SEO Quake will give you some excellent SEO stats right from your search results. You can also get on-page SEO, backlinks, social media share of any website.

We like it if this addon also starts showing the social media stats for single posts. This would help us in finding blog posts that get lots of social media love. But even without this function, it’s still a great plugin which gives you a quick overview of the sites you are looking at.

3. Grammarly

Grammarly is one of the best chrome extensions for SEO (content writing). It helps you to write better and yes – correct your grammar mistakes and help to add synonyms.

This has a lot of features like grammar, spelling check, sentence structure, and more. It comes with a free and paid version.

4. Lighthouse

Lighthouse is an open-source tool made by Google. Its purpose is to help improve the performance, quality, and correctness of your web apps.

Just visit a website or particular webpage and hit the Lighthouse icon. Then click Generate report it’ll run some tests and once it’s done loading, a report will pop-up showing scores for various categories like Performance, Accessibility, Best Practices, SEO, and PWA and below, you’ll see suggestions on what you should do to improve your page for each category.

Now, if this report looks familiar to you it’s because they use a similar report in Page Speed Insights.

Now, if you need to see the exact time it takes for a page to load, there’s a nice little extension called Page Load Time.

Just visit a page, and it’ll show you in the extensions bar how long it took for the page to load and if you click the icon, you’ll see a breakdown of where that time was spent.

5. Window Resizer

The next extension is called Window Resizer, which is a great tool to test mobile-friendliness. Window resizer allows you to resize the browser’s window to specific resolutions in two clicks.

For example, if you want to test the mobile design and experience for a page on an iPhone 6, just click the icon in the extensions bar and choose the iPhone 6 resolution.

Want to see it on an iPad? Just do the same thing, but this time, choose iPad.

6. SEO Meta in 1 Click

SEO Meta in 1 Click represents all meta tags and main SEO data for a webpage with simply a single click. This includes the lengths of titles and descriptions, URL, headers in the order of appearance, and the number of images without alt text.

7. NoFollow extension

Finally, we have the NoFollow extension.

This extension will put a box around all links that are nofollowed on a page. You can apply this if you’re looking for guest posting opportunities. So just visit a post on a site you want to write for, and scroll through it to see if all or most of the links are nofollowed. If they are, it probably won’t be worth your time to write for their blog if link build (backlink) is your goal.

8. Alexa Traffic Rank

This extension shows traffic ranking globally and locally and it also helps to find your competitors. You can also check website search analytics, Sites linking In, Website speed slow or fast, and similar sites related to your website.

Some Paid Google plugins for SEO:-

1. Moz bar

2. Aherfs Toolbar

3. Keywords Everywhere

4. Buzzsumo

5. SimilarWeb – Traffic Rank & Website Analysis

These are the best SEO extensions for chrome we use regularly in our SEO processes.

But we know there are a lot of other great extensions out there. So, let us know in the comments which SEO Google Chrome Extensions you think are must-haves for SEOs.

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Thank You.

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