Cancellation Of an Order

No cancellation will be entertained on confirmed orders that have been acknowledged and processed. In case you’ve placed an order by mistake or you do not intend to receive it anymore you can request to cancel such order by contacting our customer support within 30 minutes without using any online products.

Returns And Refunds

No return or refund requests will be entertained after the order has been acknowledged and processed. In case of an incorrect product being delivered, contact customer support. The user holds the right to return the product within a day of receipt. The refund for the order will be processed only after the receipt of the product in the condition it had been shipped. We hold the right to deny requests if the product had been used after delivery. Refunds may take 7-10 business days to be credited to the user’s bank account.

Acceptance and acknowledgement of type Terms of Service

The kind of services that are provided at the & any type of subdomains are given are generally comes under the terms and conditions of the Terms of services. When you complete the registration procedure by using the, then the user who are registering at our website are agrees to be restricted to all the Terms and Condition herein.

Use of the website

Any unauthorized utilization & access to the website is prohibited. When you will start using our website make sure that (a) all details that are provided while doing registration that should be accurate (b) your age should be above 18 years for using this website (c) it’s your responsibility to maintain the accuracy of data that are given by you.

Prohibited Content has all the reserved right and it is only single owner of this website, and it singly responsible for determine that the which content is to kept on website and which content needed to be remove without providing you prior notice. Below provided are the list that will provide you information that what kind of content are inappropriate for our website

  • Content that can contains the offensive, nudity, violence and kind of subject matter that are link to any adult website.
  • Content that are harasses.
  • Content that may exploits the people in the sexual and violent manner.
  • Content that may include ethically, racially and any other objectional language.
  • Content that may include the “Junk mail”.
  • Content that may ask password and personal information of our visitor.
  • Content that belong to third party and entity.
  • Content that may have sales activity or any commercial activities.

Account Security

Visitor or user are only responsible for keeping the confidentiality of your login credentials that are generated or decided by you while registration process, and you will the only person who will responsible for all the activities that are going on your account. It our advice to our user that they should logout from all the devices after every session.

Notification might be provide their customer notifications by using e-mail or by any other way. If we do any changes in our terms and condition you will be notify by using the email.


You are allow to terminate use of services at any time if you face any issue

Product and Service Innovation

Our expert team always helps you to suggest the launching of new products and services to explore the new market opportunities available. These products help in increasing your sales and audience which directly increases your growth. It's important to develop new opportunities for yourself in the market and you can do it easily after consulting us. Because we provide you suggestions about innovation after complete and deep research and try to solve your customer problems in a new and exciting way.

Team Modernization

Our latest technologies and connections with the business environment help you in updating something or making it work in a modern atmosphere. It can be done by using new technology like in the case of the office you can use new laptops and in the case of industries, you can use new machines that provide you more output at low cost. We help you in finding out the latest technologies available in the market that helps you in bringing modernization to your workplace.

Customer Experience Transformation

More than ever before, companies and organizations are challenged to create appropriate digital products and services that provide immersive experiences. Any type of mistake like late delivery, disconnection affects the reputation of the company. With every smooth and valuable digital experience, they got attracted to your product. That’s where Weblieu Company comes in, we provide you with result-driven customer experience transformation strategies and plans that will surely level up your business.