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Our legal adviser has developed this Privacy Policy and this is for showing our organization committedto helping our clients for better understanding that what kind of information we are gathering from them and what we do with that information. Our website is located at and it also is known as weblieu technologies pvt. ltd. but here on our website, we will not link any third-party sites that may be linked to them. Here, the terms “We, weblieu technologies pvt. ltd., Us” refers to the and the terms like “You, Your” refers to the clients or users of the

How we help you

While you registering at our website for availing the different kinds of services that are provided by us through our website: and while registering you have submitted your name, email address, phone number, and address. The information that you have provided us we will use in 3 perspective one is for customization of the content you see on-site, contact you for providing you your chosen service and request you for a certain kind of service.

Use of Cookies

For collecting our visitor’s information, we are using cookies which will provide us information regarding the location and IPs of their system. This information is gathering for improving our site. This will help us to gather information about internet use by using cookies.

Events using cookies technology for gathering the information on the internet, this information helps us to serve information that for your use. We are not using cookies for detecting personal information. For accepting and rejecting depends on you; however, some of the platforms or features of website services maybe not work appropriately without the cookies.

Control of your password

You are the only person who is responsible for the actions that are taken with your Login Id and Password and this also includes fees. We suggest that you should never share your login Id and password with any third parties. If any case your password gets hacked or any unusual activity to find please change your password immediately.

Use of Third-Party links

we can allow the third-party links to appear on our website. It does not mean that we are allowing the third party to use our terms and privacy policy. So, before providing any information to then it is very much essential for you to read their terms and privacy policy.

Updates on Privacy Policy have reserved the right for revising the Privacy Policy of from time to time when we wanted to do some update.

Information to be Access

Aa per the Information Technology Act 2000, our visitor has the right to access any kind of data and information that we are holding which belongs to you. It should be noted that we have reserved the right for converting the cover costs incurred by us when we provide you information.

Government Law

The privacy Policy of comes under the Government of India therefore we adhering the law of the Indian Government.

Contact Us

Please do not hesitate to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. regarding any matter relating to this Privacy Policy.