PHP Web Development is frequently used by people who desire to construct an artless, powerful website instantly and smoothly. After its launch in 1995, it’s become an awfully prevailing option for web developers. So common, indeed, that almost 80% of all sites exercise it nowadays, in addition to many affluence 500 companies and top applied science startups. By the conclusion of this path, you’ll have primary programming information to establish your first PHP(Hypertext Preprocessor ) sites.

PHP is a host-side scripting phraseology proposed for Web design, Aside also consumed as an extensive-purpose programming phraseology.

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Over a decade of habit has furnished Weblieu web application development company with command in developing business applications from the rub, directed to help refine workflow of client association. The Weblieu team cautiously review the specification, designs and stock solutions custom-made to the client’s personal demands. These hold the figure of advanced apps that secure the buyer firm method execute optimally.


  1. Intranet
  2. Customer Relationship Management
  3. Extranet
  4. Accounting systems
  5. Many others, dependent on individual needs
  6. Project management
  7. E-learning systems
  8. Sales /orders/ inventory management

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